Ancillary Product Options

Not only does Dindas Australia design your engineered wood products, but we also utilise the best available suppliers to provide additional ancillary products.

When we say we provide a 100% full Dindas Framing Solution – we mean it!

Check out the list below for just some of the range we design and include in your jobs today. We also vary the availability of products by Dindas State, so please don’t hesitate to contact your local Sales Account Manager or the Design Team for further details.

Dindas Australia stocks and supports a range of quality ancillary products for your projects.

  • Framing hangers such as;
    • I-Joist Hangers
    • Framing brackets
    • Large LVL & Glulam brackets
    • Custom high-capacity angle brackets
  • Structural Framing fasteners;
    • Rothoblaas TBSEVO, HBSEVO & TLLEVO range of wood connector screws
    • Custom-designed Rothoblaas connections – speak to us today
  • Joist Protection Products such as;
    • Protecta Deck – PVC rubberised joist protection
    • Rothoblaas Terra Band Joist Tape – For the best joist and bearer protection
  • MLB (Multilam Box)
    • The ultimate timber Multi – Lamination site kit (including adhesive, screws, install guide & certifier ID tag)
  • Web Stiffeners
    • Available in the required thicknesses to suit the Dindas I-Joist range
  • Backer Blocks
    • Structural timber ‘packers’ in the same thicknesses as Web Stiffeners but in wider widths
  • Construction Adhesive
    • Quality-approved construction adhesive for all your timber requirements
  • DindasRim – Rim board
    • Structural plywood to provide perimeter (RIM) enclosure to your Dindas Framing Solution
  • TLL EVO – Flange Head Stud Screw
    • High Tensile stud screw connector
  • Compressed Fibre Cement flooring (NSW Only)
  • H3 Laminated DAR Primed Posts (NSW ONLY)

Plus, many more!

Reach out to us today for further information.

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