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We at Dindas Credit take credit seriously, but we also have a passion, a real passion for credit and the timber/building industry and those within it… our clients and their clients, wood products and Dindas Australia.

The industry, whilst buoyant at the moment, faces difficulties with a worldwide timber shortage, offshore shipping delays, overwhelmed ports, and, of course, countries still badly stricken with COVID-19. Our heart sincerely goes out to them.

It is fair to say uncertainty is a certainty. Those of us at Dindas Credit are empathetic, realistic, respectful, friendly yet professional, and decent people to deal with. We have assisted businesses in transitioning from hopeless to hopeful, from doomed to buoyant, just by connecting in the past.

How can we assist our clients from a credit perspective –

  • Honest, empathetic, understanding, and fair credit personnel
  • A combined industry experience of well over 100 years.
  • We are debtor-insured, and whilst it is not always a certainty getting accounts set for a limit, I would suggest if Dindas cannot, no one can.
  • We don’t take for granted our clients – we get just how busy, how stressed, how hard they work to earn an income and keep fellow Australians employed.
  • We at are proud to be 100% Australian-owned and operated.
  • Our credit people are proud of the fact that we can “turnaround” an application in 12 – 48 hours from receipt normally. In some, if not most cases, we can indicate its likely success within the hour.
  • We have a wellness policy, well, two, in fact. There is our regular one and there is also a covid-19 one as well for what’s best described as uncertainty for some time to come.
  • Both our wellness policies are not just “words on paper” – they are a commitment.
  • Our clients will experience genuine intuitive collection conversations that balance the need for commercial outcomes with genuine empathy. Recognising our client’s needs, built within our insured/secured credit limits and need for further assistance around these COVID-19 times and post COVID-19.
  • We do not auto “stop credit” for 45 or 35 days, for instance. While we have stopped the account, we would prefer to work with our clients through any problems in the past.   If needs be, we ask our debtor insurers for their assistance.
  • We have been known to assist our clients through “rocky” times – with our client’s knowledge, we have even sought cooperation from our competitors/other suppliers to rally support. We certainly don’t assume a director’s role, nor do we tell you how to run your business, but we may be able to point you in the direction of “good people”.  On most occasions, we have found that people just need some time, a shoulder, someone who “gets it” and is happy to give their time freely.
  • Two-way street – discussion in/discussion out.
  • We advise our credit limits set are just that, however, the credit limit set is not in stone. Upon request, it can be reviewed in a very short time.
  • Our edict is to find a reason to say yes, not an excuse to say no.
  • We love helping, we love selling, we love timber and wood products, and yes, we love getting paid – our terms are certainly 30 days but we know that is not always possible, all we ask that being the case is – talk to us.
  • Finally – is not the enemy. We are certainly NOT traditional.

We are different in our approach, and we love what we do. We sell wood and credit—they both go out on the same truck.

You can write to us 24/7 to again

Resource documents for all your credit requirements are available from our Credit & Wellness Resource library page.

Our credit@dindas people are:Years at DindasYears in the Industry
Robyn Fisher (Credit Officer/Box Stores)6+20+
Farn Molesworth (Credit Officer)10+65
Lisa Wilson (Credit Officer/Connections)9+20+
Rob Windsor (National Credit Manager)2440+

Contact us at:

Ph: 03 8540 0500 (Press 3 for Credit)        


Information, services and comments provided are for information and self-help purposes only.  They are not intended to be a substitute for professional – financial, health, relationship, legal, liquidity, family or any matter where a professional in that field would normally be involved/contacted.

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