WGEA Statement – Dindas Australia

WGEA Statement – Dindas Australia

March 14, 2024 blog

Our commitment

We understand the importance and value of gender equality and are committed to creating a culture and workplace that is diverse and inclusive. Our commitment to gender equality in the workplace will be demonstrated through our leadership actions and practices and supported by our policies and procedures.

At Dindas, we are looking to focus on increasing women at all levels of our business to address the gender imbalance that traditionally exists in the Wholesale and Trade Industry. We will continue to strive to achieve a gender-inclusive environment and become a recognised leader in our industry. This focus on gender will be driven by our leaders, demonstrating Dindas’ commitment to playing a part in improving gender equity across the industry.

What is the Gender Pay Gap?

The gender pay gap is the difference in average between women and men in the workforce. The gender pay gap is a useful proxy for measuring and tracking gender equality across the nation, industry, or within an organisation.

In 2024, WGEA has only published median employer gender pay gaps due to the exclusion of CEO and Head of Business remuneration. Measuring gender pay gaps by median allows us to understand the remuneration experience of the typical employee at a workplace, as it is not skewed by exceptionally high or low salaries. The average gender pay gap is a good measure of the collective remuneration of a group.

Dindas Pay Gap Data

At Dindas, our gender pay gap shows the difference between the average and median pay of all women and men. It is not a comparison of like-for-like roles.

This report is based on legal gender categories We acknowledge that our people may identify differently<br>

Our Gender Pay Gap Analysis

Our pay gap reflects our current workforce. It is exciting to see that we are continuing to have female employees hold senior positions within our organisation. We are proud to demonstrate that we are industry leaders for women’s participation in senior roles. This is a testament to our leadership’s commitment to bridging the gender pay gap.

Our plan

At Dindas, there are several ways we can continue to ensure the gender pay gap is at the forefront of our minds. We will continue to look at initiatives to attract and retain women while looking at new ways to increase participation within our workforce. The gender pay gap is a complex issue that needs commitment and focus.

Some key initiatives that we are focused on are:

  • Reviewing our recruitment and selection policy and procedures. We are committed to ensuring there is no gender bias in the recruitment process. Dindas is committed to training hiring managers to ensure they are aware of gender bias and discrimination and are equipped with the knowledge required to make informed recruitment and promotion decisions.
  • Exploring ways we can get more female participation in the production teams.
  • We are constantly looking for ways to engage with our female workforce and ensure those with caring responsibilities are supported. This involves the implementation of an updated parental leave policy and a new flexible work arrangement policy. These policies aim to create a fair and flexible work culture for people of all genders.
  • Implementing a consistent approach to remuneration reviews. By implementing a standard framework, we can rely on objective criteria and benchmarks to determine appropriate salary adjustments. Drawing attention to key principles such as gender pay parity.
  • Conduct annual gender pay gap analysis and action. We will look to constantly review hiring data and ensure we monitor, measure, and continually evaluate.
  • Allow employees to provide feedback through various avenues such as through our engagement surveys or directly to their Line Manager or our Human Resources team.
  • Our employees will receive information and updates on our progress and success through internal communication channels.

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