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Secura Interior Flooring

Product Details

Scyon Secura™ interior flooring is a great option for wet areas, such as bathrooms, as well as dry areas like bedrooms. Versatile, light and durable, Secura has dual functions. While one side is designed for tiled applications and includes a sealant gap, the other side is perfect for vinyl or carpet applications where the tongue and groove joint are gapless. Secura also does away with the need for a vinyl underlay. Secura sheets have a moisture-resistant sealer on all sides, removing the need for waterproofing outside enclosed shower areas. It can be exposed to the elements for up to 3 months without warping, twisting or requiring sanding. Secura includes tongue and groove joints that can be secured with a nail gun, so there’s no need for pre-drilling and screwing.

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Secura Exterior Flooring

Product Details

While Traditional Compressed Fibre Cement (CFC) flooring is dense and a time-consuming installation, Secura™ exterior flooring sheets are lighter with tongue and groove joins. Pre-drilling and screwing are not required as they can be gun nailed and underside mesh reinforcement provides extra strength and impact resistance. Sealed on all sides with an advanced polymer coating that helps adhesion and guards against moisture-related problems. Secura is great for tiled balconies and verandahs, providing extra peace of mind over particleboard and plywood.

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