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Our Design Centre prides itself on the expertise of our designers. Unlike other companies, we don’t train estimators to handle essential BOM (Bill of Materials) take-offs. Instead, we focus on developing highly skilled EWP designers in various design disciplines capable of providing outstanding technical support.

  •  Complimentary service for our registered customers
  • Compliant, Cost-effective design solutions
  • Detailed ‘easy to follow’ site layouts (Residential & Commercial)
  • 3D building details for better on-site construction
  • Certified designs to relevant state Building Acts and Regulations
  • Fully itemised BOM (Bill of Materials) reports ensuring nothing is missed
  • Full CAD file support – Import and Export options
  • With a 5-day estimate turnaround, we can keep your projects moving

Our designers use cutting-edge global timber design software to create easy-to-read design documentation with illustrated installation details easily understood on-site. In addition, our EWP Designers are efficient in a wide range of design, estimating and detailing software programs, especially our exclusive Dindas Design Suite software modules.
Our EWP designers are respected professionals within the industry, known for their attention to detail and dedication to excellence. This skillset ensures we deliver cost-effective, sustainable, and fully compliant designs that meet Australian building and engineering standards.
At Dindas Australia, you can trust us to provide complete design outcomes that exceed your expectations.


We understand the importance of timely project completion and have developed a custom Workflow Management solution. Our software streamlines resource and data allocation, minimising turnaround times and ensuring efficient project delivery.

Our automation efforts extend beyond project completion. Our software also generates detailed reports, including the number of completed estimates, variations (or requotes) numbers to orders, builder-specific estimates, and sales representative-specific estimate requests. Our Workflow Management solution allows you to streamline your business operations and optimise your team’s efficiency.

Choose us as your Workflow Management partner and enjoy a faster, more efficient project delivery.


Designers face the challenge of achieving a high-performing design while keeping costs in check. In the past, they had to manually evaluate the performance of each joist or wait until the entire design was complete to assess overall performance. This process was time-consuming and could result in costly changes.

Our exclusive “heat mapping” technology allows our EWP designers to access the most advanced tool in the EWP software market. This technology will enable them to make performance-based decisions in real-time, resulting in the most efficient and top-rated design solution.

Our advanced design analysis tool built into DDS allows users to check the entire floor area for optimal performance in one go, covering all essential design principles as follows:

  • Deflection – Live Load L/x
  • Vibration (FNF checks)
  • Deflection Live Load – mm differences across joist areas
  • Deflection Total L/x
  • Deflection Total Load – mm deflection differences
  • Moment Analysis
  • Shear Analysis

The results are reported via a custom colour-coded system that indicates % increases over the Australian Standard set limits.

Dindas Australia is the game-changing 3D visualisation technology for our EWP Structural Projects. It was also the latest headline on FTMA News.

Check the link below to learn more about how you can revolutionise your construction projects with the Dindas Design Suite’s new feature: isView®.

Read more here: Dindas isView®: A Game-Changer Solution for Structural EWP Projects – Dindas Australia

Dindas Pre-Qualification Interactive Form is your gateway to the Design Process. By filling out this form, you can expect accurate and fast results.

To ensure a prompt turnaround for your detailed layouts, we suggest that you prepare the following:

  • Architectural plans
  • Engineering plans
  • Your preferred method of construction

The more information you provide, the better we can assist you. If you need guidance or are trying to decide what to include, our experienced team is here to help. Contact us today!

At Dindas Australia, we understand that to maintain a very high-quality level of products, we must have an equally good quality assurance plan. Dindas’ Questions and Answers’ plan incorporates a systematic approach to clear, concise and complete planning of all elements from technical design, quality control activities, manufacturing procedures, problem identification – resolution activities and job completion audits.

If you need any assistance with product or design information, we’d be happy to help! Contact us at your nearest state office or the National Design Centre, and we’ll support you.

QLD: 07 3249 9888

NSW: 02 9673 8000

VIC: 03 8540 0500

National Design Centre: 07 3249 9888

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