Design & Take-off

Estimate and Design Service

Utilising our industry-leading DDS design and BOM (Bill of Materials) software, our design and production teams work together to deliver the most cost-efficient and complete design package. We customise our solutions to suit how YOU want to build while providing Australian Building Codes guidance and compliance advice along the way.

Our comprehensive design service provides,
  •   Complimentary service for our registered customers
  •   Compliant, Cost-effective design solutions
  •   Detailed ‘easy to follow’ site layouts (Residential & Commercial). Check out an example here!
  •   3D building details for better onsite construction
  •   Certified designs to relevant state Building acts and regulations
  •   Fully itemised BOM reports ensure nothing is missed
  •   Full CAD file support – Import and Export options
  •   With a 5-day estimate turnaround, we can keep your projects moving

Dindas technical support

To assist in a speedy return of your comprehensive layouts, there are several things that you can prepare to support the process:

  •   Architectural plans
  •   Engineering plans
  •   Your preferred method of construction

(we would suggest completing the Dindas Specification Sheet – this can be found here)

The more data, the better, and if you need help or are uncertain as to what to include, please get in touch with any of our experienced team members for assistance.

At Dindas Australia, we understand that to maintain a very high-quality level of products, we must have an equally good quality assurance plan. Dindas ‘Questions and Answers’ plan incorporates a systematic approach to clear, concise and complete planning of all elements from technical design, quality control activities, manufacturing procedures, problem identification – resolution activities and job completion audits.


If you need any assistance with product or design information, we’d be happy to help! Contact us at your nearest state office or the National Design Centre, and we’ll support you.

QLD: 07 3249 9888

NSW: 02 9673 8000

VIC: 03 8540 0500

National Design Centre: 07 3249 9888

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