Innovation and Design

We believe that our future growth and success lies in product and market innovation. That's why we continue to invest in our people, product development, and capability.

Concept to Design

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability opens the market to new environmentally friendly alternatives. As a wholesale and manufacturing business with over 35+ years of engineered wood experience, we are also highly aware of our responsibility to the environment and work hard to minimise the environmental impact of all our manufacturing and business practices.

From Concept to Design, pathways at Dindas Australia are made possible by our varied experiences with our people. The ability to review your design, plans and sometimes even just an idea and then build a cost-efficient, compliant structural design outcome is critical to the success of any project.

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Quantity Schedules and Design Details

We’re proud of our ability to customise any of our products to suit your performance needs. With our in-house design team’s capability, we can transform, cut, or manufacture any of our products. Clarity is key when it comes to providing both the bill of materials (BOM) documentation and accurate interactive design details to ensure your project is built the best it possibly can be.

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Design to Production

Harnessing the power of both Weinmann and Hundegger woodworking machines, we are able to offer cutting solutions to suit any project requirements.


R&D Lab

Research & Development Lab

Utilising the latest in Japanese universal testing equipment, the engineering team at Dindas Australia continue to check and develop the best-performing EWP products and combined product solutions for the building industry. When we design a new product, or a combination of products to solve a building problem, we stand by that product backed by the manufacturers AND our own internal testing programs. This gives you peace of mind that our products are always certified, audited, checked and comply with the ever-changing building standards within Australia.

Our lab equipment is continually calibrated by independent external calibration experts to NATA standards.

We are always looking to find products and solutions for your building problems, so reach out to the NDC team through the contact page for a conversation on how we work together on any of your engineering needs.

Interactive RFPI Joist Design Tool

Need a quick joist span for your project design? we have you covered with our Interactive Single Span Design Tool.
Answer a few quick questions, and you can run span design scenarios based on your preferred performance (dead load deflection) requirements.

Yes, it really is that easy!

As with all span charts, it is important to understand they are based upon a few simple designs and building principles and should always be confirmed by one of our experienced EWP designers before you order your products. We recommend this as we will provide advice specific to your project and generally find a more cost-efficient design solution based upon the architectural and engineering plan review.

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