Dindas Design Suite

Revolutionary EWP Design Software

Dindas Design Suite – known as “DDS”, is an industry-leading [whole of house] software package that evaluates critical load paths down through the structure, ensuring all load-bearing members, rafters, floor bearers, floor joists, lintels and connections are analysed, specified and compliant to Australian standards.

Our exclusive ‘heat mapping’ technology also provides our EWP designers with the most advanced tool in EWP software available today to make performance-based decisions in ‘real-time’, resulting in the most efficient, performance-rated design solution.

Individual Design Analysis

Combined-report-imagesDDS single member design tool – isDESIGN® will design members using LSD criteria to meet all AU/NZ building codes. Our designers can manually add uniform, concentrated and moving loads to the member and link reactions from other DDS-isDesign® members. Fasteners can also be designed for multiple members, including requirements for concentrated side loads.

Design different hole shapes in joists and beams. Repairs are accessible using the location analysis tool to find shear and moment results at any location along the member. DDS-isDesign® can also check notches and sloped end cuts in beams.

Users can set customer-specific deflection criteria and custom load duration factors for any live load.

  • Analyse anytime for quick results and guidance
  • Precision load development for accurate designs
  • Solution Seeker finds the optimum product solution
  • Easily create required engineering reports
  • Automatic load distribution analyses all components at once

Layout and Design Solution

DDS – isPLAN® is a 3D layout and design solution that allows our EWP designers to model an entire structure with 2D and 3D views. Next-generation design technology develops and transfers gravity loads through the structure and designs all the structural members. Robust import and export tools combined with intuitive modelling and design tools ensure efficient and cost-effective designs.

  • Create Flexible and detailed construction layouts
  • Add any data to your layout
  • Integrate customer details and information – customer-themed construction plans available (for our DDS registered customers only)
  • Dynamic and customised quotation and bill of material (BOM) reports
  • Send materials to DindasPro (internal production teams), including automated saw files for custom cutting solutions
Concise Construction Plans and Details

Complete installation drawings can easily be created and include placement details, layout drawings with dimensions, material lists, fastener schedules, and 3D ‘cut-away details, ensuring clarity of construction for the site teams and more. These can be customised to specific customer needs.

Want to see how it works?

Click the video trailer below for a glimpse into the world of a Dindas EWP Designer. (Tip: for a more dramatic viewing experience, have your sound on)


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