DindasBrace OSB

The Ultimate Engineered Solution for Strength, Durability, and Performance

DindasBrace OSB, by Dindas Australia, are Oriented Strand Board (OSB/3), oriented strands according to EN 300. It uses cutting-edge manufacturing technology from Germany, and it is engineered for its strength, durability and consistent performance.


High-Performance Engineered Wood Product

  • Each piece is highly consistent in the way it performs under load.
  • Manufactured with type ‘A’ (marine) bond, renowned for its structural strength and long-lasting durability.
  • Sealed edge protection that effectively prevents moisture ingress.

Design Capabilities

  • 6.0mm bracing is designed for simple bracing solutions, and it has up to 6 kN/m racking resistance.
  • Design Guide details and identification of bracing capacities have been created to reflect that of table 8.18 of AS1684.2-2021.
  • Features a solid construction that is both sturdy and lightweight, ensuring maximum stability and durability.


  • Independently tested in Australia through our Certified University Partner program.
  • It is an independently certified product that meets the requirements of the NCC and is manufactured to BS EN300:2006, meeting the performance characteristics for load-bearing (structural) application in dry and humid conditions.

Sustainable Sourcing

  • As a Carbon Warrior partner, we only work with suppliers with verified Wood Source Certifications for responsible and sustainable timber.
  • Chain of Custody certification compliant for well-managed and sustainable forests.

Third-party certified

The DindasBrace OSB has been designed and tested to meet the performance standards of the National Construction Code (NCC). The system has been proven to be structurally equivalent. The design criteria are based on AS 1684 guidelines for residential timber framed construction.

Strong & durable

Due to the manufacturing process and raw materials, DindasBrace OSB is dense and solid throughout. Consistent-sized thin wood strands are accurately mixed with wax and adhesive and compressed under ultra-high temperatures.

The overlapping staggered structure accords DindasBrace OSB with high dimensional stability and strength. The sheet has outstanding elasticity and excellent bending strength, allowing it to withstand heavy loads.

Low formaldehyde

DindasBrace OSB is certified by (JAS) to be formaldehyde emission-FREE. Furthermore, the Dieffenbacher continuous ultra-high temperature hot press process releases a trace amount in the natural wood to ensure the final product is safe, non-harmful and environmentally friendly.

Moisture resistant surface

DindasBrace OSB has been carefully made for use in humid Australian conditions. Its high moisture tolerance and painted edge protection minimise the swelling of the sheet. This process leads to excellent dimensional stability with in-service equilibrium moisture content (EMC) of <20 per cent.

Keep it simple

DindasBrace OSB is simple to install, lightweight, and easy to cut, nail, screw and drill.
Thanks to the cross-directional layers of thin wood strands, Fixing DindasBrace OSB to timber wall frames is easy. The high shear strength resulting from the uniform distribution of the strands makes it suitable for quality wood fasteners.

*Minimum JD5 timber group required

Termite resistant

DindasBrace OSB Green Edges small

For over 28 years, Dindas Australia has successfully treated engineered wood products (EWP) at our LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) treatment plant in Brisbane, Australia. Utilising our extensive knowledge and working with industry leaders, we have developed a product certified usage as H2 according to AS/NZS1604.2.

Above the North of the Tropic of Capricorn, an H2 treated RED edge is the correct colour for termite protection.

Look for the UT GREEN coloured edge sheet for the South of the Tropic of Capricorn and untreated requirements.




Product Specs

Applications: Exterior use.
DindasBrace OSB is a versatile product with a wide range of construction applications, but it is mainly used as Structural Wall Bracing.

Treatments: UT (Untreated), H2

Standards: AS1684.2-2021 and EN300:2006

Certifications: 100% Chain of Custody (COC) compliant well, well-managed, and sustainable forests.


Available Sizes (mm)


  • DindasBrace OSB Size 6.0 mm – 2440 x 900mm
  • DindasBrace OSB Size 6.0 mm – 2440 x 1200mm


  • DindasBrace OSB Size 6.0 mm – 2745 x 900mm
  • DindasBrace OSB Size 6.0 mm – 2745 x 1200mm


  • DindasBrace OSB Size 6.0 mm – 3050 x 900mm
  • DindasBrace OSB Size 6.0 mm – 3050 x 1200mm

Pieces per pack – 100 Sheets in all options.


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