Dindas Engineered I-Joists

Introducing Dindas I-Joist: A Stronger and Lighter Timber Solution

This composite engineered joist features high-grade finger-jointed softwood flanges paired with a sturdy 9mm thick oriented strand board (OSB) web. It is perfect for any construction project with multiple flange widths (47, 63, 72, and 97mm) and depths ranging from 200 – 400mm.

Dindas I Joists are superior for cost-effective and lightweight residential and commercial constructions. They are engineered to perform consistently for even the most demanding design applications.

They are ideal for engineers, specifiers, and builders who want to provide their customers with high-quality floor systems. Dindas I Joist is environmentally friendly as it is more efficient in using raw materials.

We use fast-growing, under-utilised, and less expensive wood species to manufacture our EWP products. This way, large old-growth trees are preserved.

Engineered wood products are designed to require less wood to achieve the same load-bearing capability as traditional solid-sawn timber.


A better overall floor systems solution

We recommend an I-joist in your basement to support heavy loads and eliminate typical problems with solid timber joists. Engineered I-joist offer great strength, and they are lightweight, easy to install, cost-effective, and time-effective compared with traditional timber joists. Use I-joists instead of dimensional timber or plywood subfloors to avoid squeaky floors, warping, bowing and twisting.

Here are the advantages of using Dindas I-Joist with softwood flange capabilities:

  • Straight, uniform & dimensionally stable in a lightweight form
  • Greater design flexibility for an economical floor joist layout.
  • Exceptional stability ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Longer spans are possible, allowing for more flexible design options.
  • Available in 10 section depths
  • Three different flange widths
  • Long lengths up to 12 meters
  • They are easier to handle and fix, saving time and effort during installation.
  • Quick and straightforward installation process saves time and labour.
  • It is easier to install compared to hardwood and steel alternatives.
  • The risk of splitting is significantly reduced, enhancing durability.
  • You can easily specify Dindas I-Joist using EWP software.
  • Sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation pine
  • Sustainable Sourcing
    • As a Carbon Warrior partner, we only work with suppliers with verified Wood Source Certifications for responsible and sustainable timber.
    • Chain of Custody certification compliant for well-managed and sustainable forests.


Experience the benefits of Dindas I-Joist and revolutionise your construction projects.


Need help choosing the right engineered joists or engineered wood products for your project? Our specialists are here to help you make the best decision and bring your vision to life. Book a consultation today!

Dindas I-Joists come in a range of depths and widths to provide maximum choice in design and construction scenarios.

Size Range:


Check out our Interactive Single Span Joist tool  here
Peace of mind against termites

Dindas I Joists are also available treated (H2-S) for protection against termites and other insects in above ground, weather-protected applications in areas south of the Tropic of Capricorn. It gives all the benefits of structural LVL with added termite deterrent qualities. Utilising Dindas Australia’s on-site and leading LOSP treatment plant we are the only EWP supplier that has full control over the quality of the treatment process and end-user certification.


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