Dindas Structural Connectors

Dindas Structural Timber Connectors

Dindas Australia is a trusted supplier of metal connection technologies for the building industry. We collaborate with several renowned companies that manufacture only high-quality engineered connectors. All connectors available with us have been tested and approved for use in Australia, comply with the relevant building standards, and are sold with our Floor Systems.

Our connector range includes a wide variety of structural components such as Framing bracket hangers, I-Joist hangers (FaceFix and Top Mount), Split Hangers, Angle brackets, and our exclusive heavy-duty angle bracket products. Additionally, we also provide timber fasteners like nails and set screws as required by the connection type and connector used.


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Timber connectors, engineered for performance

Dindas Structural Connectors, like I-Joist hangers, play a crucial role in supporting the weight of the joists and preventing them from bending or bowing. In fact, using joist hangers whenever possible is recommended to ensure your project will receive the Dindas Australia certification that meets the Australian Construction Standards.

Whether it’s a deck or any other wood structure, we advise using joist hangers to ensure the beams are stable and upright for a strong and durable final product. 

Rest assured that you won’t have to worry about choosing the correct Joist Hanger or compatible fasteners. At Dindas Australia, we offer all the necessary hardware and core products. This means you’ll receive everything you need to finish your project quickly and efficiently when you purchase a floor system.


  • Fast fixing method, easier to install with simple fasteners fixing.
  • High-quality connectors are engineered to perform a reliable fixing capacity.
  • Designed to withstand both gravity loads and lateral movement of the I-Joist flanges
  • Developed, manufactured, and tested per the Australian Standards
  • Dindas Australia also supplies all necessary hardware for their core products as a set, including joist hangers and fasteners such as nails and set screws to prevent squeaking.
  • The wide range available includes I-joist hangers, framing bracket hangers, split hangers, and angle brackets.

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