Timber Frames vs Steel Frames

Timber Frames vs Steel Frames

May 30, 2023 blog

As a builder, choosing the right building material is essential to ensure your construction project is successful. Among the most common choices are steel frames and timber frames. While steel frames have their advantages, today, we want to showcase recent research about what is becoming more popular among the two.

Recent research indicates that timber framing is becoming more popular than steel due to its affordability, fast assembly, adaptability, and renovation ease. But it is the outstanding green benefits that are captivating everyone’s attention in a world with increasing environmental apprehension.

Consumers are persuaded by sustainable forestry, responsibly sourced materials, and climate change efforts, as well as the emotional proof of the timber sector. These effects resonate that choosing timber is seen as a way to make the world a better place.

Builders recognise the increasing interest in green credentials when selecting materials, with most viewing timber framing as more positive from an environmental standpoint than steel. Timber’s benefits of being renewable, responsibly sourced and removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere align with its messaging, making it a better choice for builders.

Timber is a renewable resource that sustainably grows and harvests, enabling trees to absorb substantial amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This carbon is then locked within the timber until the end of the product’s lifetime, making timber framing carbon positive. Unfortunately, traditional steel framing emits more carbon into the atmosphere than it removes and can’t compare with timber’s eco-friendly nature.

In summary, timber framing remains the superior choice over steel framing as a more affordable, versatile and environmentally sustainable option.




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